Ryan Anschauung


Black Magic and

Shattered Geometry

A highly thought-provoking work of psychological warfare and magical self-transformation.

230 pages, PDF format.


Threshold: Black Magic and Shattered Geometry  exposes to the modern Satanist the problems our reality holds, and more importantly, it gives him the tools necessary to shatter it, and create a New World Order. The Ego must be tricked into defeating itself. It’s abstractions must be torn apart piece by piece, its processes broken down and made visible to the individual, so that a special instant occurs in that individual similar to an Out of Body Experience – With the exception that is it Out Of Mind. In this instant, a sudden flash of the awakened Self can see the actions of the Ego consciously and understands its own involvement in its perception.



- Table of Contents -


First Threshold: TERATO


The Theory of the Beast


Divine Joy

I – Evolution

II – The Great Chaos


Radia Sol: Emanations of the Self

I – Opening Statements

II – What is a Model?

III – Wave Mechanics – A Crash Course

IV – Emanations

V – Assumptions

VI – The Theory

VII – Closing Statements


In Sinister Solidarity


An Analysis on Frequency

I – Ego - The Source of Dialect

II – Human-Centered Geometry Vs. Life-Centered Geometry

III – Reform and Revolution

IV – Who Hears the Spheres?

V – Receptive Frequency: The Low Vibration of Propaganda

VI – Optimum Frequency

VII – The Fundamentals of Mind/Body Control


The Chrono-Bet


The 23 Syndrome



Second Threshold: HARUSPEX




How Will Shapes Reality


Form and Manipulation: The Cold Facts

Part I

Part II

Part III


Baphomet and A Man’s role for Sinister Women: The Greatest Heresy


Ad Accumulum Infinitum


The Mind War


Petals from a Black Rose

I – The Bare Root

II – The Continuity of Bloom

III – Red or White

IV – The Black Spot

V – Cross and Cutting

VI – Hybrid Perpetual



Third Threshold: ENGRAM


The Fundamentals of Magic – Internal, External, Aeonic, Narrative and Mythic


Radia Star – Creating one of THEM


On Songs and Sinister Chants


Invoking the Tempest


In the Aeon of Fire: A Ritual of Death


Alchemical Distillations

I – Luna

II – Mercury

III – Venus

IV – Sol

V – Mars

VI – Jupiter & Saturn


Eccar Vartis


Rain Magic*k


Fourth Threshold: MALEFICIA


An Approach to Sex Magick


The Ordeal of the Ninth Moon

Arc I

Arc II


Narrative Magic


On Psychic Vampirism

I – On Recognizing their Poisons and the Means to their Destruction

II – The Devil of the Ego

III – Chameleonics

IV – Ego 101

V – The Essence of the Psychic Vampire

VI – Energetic Exchange

VII – On Insecurity

VIII – Initial Contact

IX – Psychic Entanglement and Feeding

X – Enarcosis (energy addiction)

XI – Infiltration

XII – Extraction (killing a psychic vampire)

XIII – Awareness

XIV – Ritualis Sanguinis Solis


The Rite of Regurgitating Choronzon


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