Ophis Christos & Ordo Volucer Serpentis

The Ophidic Essence: Seeking a return to the Origin

An indispensable volume for any real student of what Gnostic Luciferanism is and its links to different cultures throughout history.

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The Ophidic Essence: Seeking a return to the Origin is a collection of texts that presents the ground work of the Ordo Volucer Serpentis. The notions and ideas presented on this volume have been the basis for the magical work of this Order since its foundation, and are now made public for the first time. For any magician interested, this volume presents a perfect opportunity to be initiated into Gnostic Satanism and the Quimbanda Cult.


This work has been divided into two sections; the first one presents in a general way the different mythological and religious currents that share a common understanding of the dark forces of the universe and their anticosmic goal of tearing down this reality, while the second half delves into the secrets of the necromantic cult known as Quimbanda, explaining its link to other Gnostic groups and including detailed rituals and basic notions on how to deal with the powerful entities known as Exus and Pomba Giras. While some parts of the text are explained in plain terms, others are intentionally obscured in order to force the aspiring adept to ponder about the subject in question.


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