A Sorcerous Treatise of the Drakonian Adversary

by A.N.715

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Nachash Nakah presents to the earnest Seekers and those Chosen under the Royal Lineage of the Great Dragon, the Gate from which the many Sealed Locks and strewn Keys upon the Crossroads of Communion may be accessed to in turn revivify through Atavistic Resurgence, the very Heart of Fire bearing the Saurian Sight to traverse the Sinuous Stride of the Nachashel. A journey of which is witnessed through the Ordained Seventy-Two via that passage of this fragmentation of the Tablet, being the fractured Enchiridion of Ophiolatreia; a Gift of the Serpent God unto its Kin and Kith to enflame the Raging Pyres dwelling Within so that they may come to further spread and in turn incinerate the world Without.

Through Nachash Nakah, the Codifications of Consanguinity have herein been respectfully unveiled and disclosed to the public through Its first emanation, cast from the Maw that Commands within its employed sorcerous system of Gnostic Theurgy rooted within the foundations of Traditional Diabolism and Klipotic Ophiolatry, henceforth unifying the multicultural forms of analysis via the Crowning Essence that transcends the limiting parameters of linearly defined Forms. What becomes reveal is instead rooted within the Disputing Impulse of Or She-Ein bo Mahshavah that Eclipses it’s Thoughtful antipole. Herein presents the Quintessence of Adverse Nature that has been Called and Sealed via Death and the Black Work that hath marked the Pentalphic Stations of the roused Pylon of Sinuous Sedition.

Via the Blade, which is the very Tongue of the Serpent are the revelations concerning the many falsehoods within this putrefying Crown of Creation revealed for its Kin and Kith to behold, allowing in turn the Will and Sight to once again be aligned with the dictations of the Highest Head, leading, living and enduring within the Sanctity of Spirit towards Perditions Covenant that shall come to shatter the Spine of the Lamb and reduce HaShems Colonnades of Clay into its most befitting ash.



Ab Initio

The Zeroth Point of the Sixteenth Diadem:
Being the Nexus & Exegesis of Succession
1. The Genesis & Threshold - Prima Materia
2. Barons & Magnates of the Ophidion Wheel
i. Societas Draconistarum
ii. Vlad, Son of the Dragon
3. Ersatz Colonnades of Edom Beliya’al
i. Fractured Distinctions of HaRishon

The Bipartite Oracular of Ha-Tanninim Ha-Gadol:
Being the Exorcism & Slaying Tongue
4. A Recollection of Atavistic Arte & Virtue
i. Neti-Neti, Apophatic Pathways of the Azoth
ii. Stones & Irons of the Pontifex
5. Dictations of the Predacious Arte
i. Of the Third Letter & Tripartite Divide
ii. The Twelfth Path, Being the Core & Limb
iii. Ikenie, the Twenty-Second Mark & Charge
6. Mundus Imaginalis, The Veiled Corpus
i. The Twentieth Emanation, Being the Sinuous Masque & Maze

Derech ha-Aur Shachor:
Being the Ophidic Arte of the Thirteenth Letter & Lunar Mansion
7. The Axial Sceletus of Aždehâ
i. The Trestella of Ha-Tanninim, The Womb & Quietus
ii. The Hallowed Pinnacles of the Drakonian Arte
iii. The Aphotic Gates of Hydradic Intrusion
iv. Planetary Loci & Klipotic Affinity
v. Lunar Loci & Celestial Affinity
vi. Geographical Loci & Terrestrial Affinity
vii. The Sanguineous Artes & Constitutions of Sacrifice
viii. Divinatory Techniques & Chthonic Congress
ix. Vortices of the Serpent God

Armaments of the Sanctorium:
Being a Requisite of Hydradic Union & Tempering
8. The Chamber & Seat of Aždehâ
i. The Sanctum of Aždehâ, Being the Templum of the Serpent God
ii. The Tablet of the Twin-Tails, Being the Bolts of Zahāk
iii. Woods of the Verdant Arte
iv. Stones of the Terrestrial Arte
9. The Woven & Felted Veils of the Pylon
i. The Foundational Conduits
ii. Vortices of Hydradic Conjunction
iii. The Visual and Terrestrial Coronation, The Ladder of Tav
iv. The Aqueous Coronation, The Ladder of Mem
v. The Igneous Coronation, The Ladder of Shin
vi. The Aerial Coronation, The Ladder of Zayin
vii. The Aetheric Coronation, The Ladder of Aleph
viii. The Sonic Coronation, The Ladder of Cheth
10. The Ebon Garb & Bornless Wyrm
i. The Canticle of the Black Dragon
ii. The Hide of Saatet-ta
iii. The Sigil of Saatet-ta
11. The Thurible & Wyrm of the Tempest
i. The Breath of Nentchã
ii. The Conjuration Seal of Nentchã, The Wyrm of the Tempest
12. The Aphotic-Vessel & Asphyxiating Wyrm
i. The Abyss of Nenu
ii. The Seal of Nenu, The Wrathful Dragon of Nun
13. The Bowl & Manticore
i. The Death Knell of Avdalakhel
ii. The Kris of Avdalakhel, The Sorcerous Blade
14. The Sceptre & Siege Wright
i. The Sceptre of Avagtiel
ii. The Sceptre Sigil of Avagtiel, The Devouring Blaze
15. The Arthanas & Saturnine Hydras
i. The Fangs of the Hydras of Terrestrial and Chthonic Dominion
16. The Salver & Tribute
i. The Sacraments and Salutation
17. The Tomes & Ophidian Arte
i. The Enchiridions of Ophiolatreia

The Sinuous Coils of the Twenty-First Letter
18. The Wyrms of Aždehâ
i. The Sigil of Hanruhel, The Fiend of the Duat
ii. The Sigil of Hemsael, The Empress of the Field of Ash
iii. The Sigil of Avdalakhel, The Chimeric Wyrm
iv. The Sigil of Avagtiel, The Lion Serpent-Sun

19. Table of Correspondences
i. Planetary & Mineral Correspondences
20. Incenses of the Arte
i. The Wyrms of Aždehâ
ii. The Embodiments of Apophis
21. Acta Deos Numquam Mortalia Fallunt
i. Tomes of Interest
ii. Locales of Interest

Finis Coronat Opus
Ad Mortem


Nachash Nakah's 264 pages are embellished with several full-page illustrations, as well as many detailed sigils, all illustrated and created by the author himself. The book is printed in full color.

Only 72 copies of this talismanic work are being released, with a ¾ binding of black snakeskin and goatskin. Each copy is presented in a protective hard box bound in black goatskin as well and embossed in gold foil with the Enneagram on the front. The book itself is embossed in gold with the Triskaidecagon on the cover, with gilded pages and hand-sewn spine. As it's the norm with all Fall of Man titles, every copy is being crafted by hand.

Specifications: Octavo format (A5), 264 pages. Fully illustrated in color. Bound in black snakeskin and goatskin (book), goatskin (box). 120 g. paper, 200 g. end-papers. Hand-sewn black spine with raised bonds and ribbon bookmark.

200€. Each purchase grants access to the PDF version as well.

To be released December 2019.

Barad Nachash Bekor ha-Or She-Ein bo Mahshavah!

Barad Nachashel ha-Sitra Achra!

May your Chosen come to Reap in Spirit what’s Sown in Blood