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We are very excited to introduce our first 2019 release: Nikolai Saunders' A Monons de a Siatris. This new title will deepen our knowledge of ceremonial magick and takes us in a journey through the gates of Death and beyond. Read all about it here, and place your pre-order before it's too late.



FALL DIVISION now available!



Our latest Nox Sine Occasu title is now available for purchase. Fall division is an attempt to define a bleak reality, giving us the terms and tools to understand it, identifying our role in it and the power we have over our own lives. By using its one terminology and nomenclature, the author removes any preconceived notions the reader may have about this universal subject, giving us a new approach and many answers to the problem of being a conscious individual in the modern world.

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We are very happy to announce that our next title, Fall division is now in the print and we are expecting it to be released during mid December. This is the latest title in our Nox sine Occasu collection, read all about it over here, and make sure to reserve a copy!



Samhain Sale 2018, 50% discount on all purchases



Starting the 25th of October and running until the 1st of November, we will be running our annual Samhain sale. The majority of our titles will be on sale, with very few exceptions due to extremely low stock (half a dozen copies or less). To benefit from this sale, simply use the coupon SAMHAIN2018 on the checkout.


The titles that WILL NOT benefit from the 50% discount are the following ones:

- Abhichara (both standard and deluxe editions)

- Myrkthursablót deluxe edition

- Wolf's Hooked Cross deluxe edition



Abhichara: Tantric magic and mysticism now available



Our latest title, Abhichara: Tantric magic and mysticism is now available for purchase. Pre-orders are being shipped, and there are still a few deluxe Matrika edition and many standard edition copies left for purchase. Get your copy now!



New title Abhichara: Tantric magic and mysticism

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We are very happy to announce that our next title, Abhichara: Tantric magic and mysticism is now in the print and we are expecting it to be released during late September. Read all about this exciting new release over here, and make sure to reserve a copy!



Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology

- Second expanded edition now available



After some unexpected delays, the second edition copies are finally here. We are giving priority to the shipping of the pre-orders, which should be done during this week. For those who didn't pre-order a copy, both editions are still available, get your copy  over here.



Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology

- Second expanded edition



After becoming the fastest selling Fall of Man Press title, Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology is receiving a second extended and revised edition. With over 6,000 new words, as well as many new bindrunes and images (including new Serpent Soul Art work!), this new edition deepens into the mysteries of the Old Norse religion, and the duality contained in all of us that leads us to the Ginnungagap.

Read all about this new edition at this location, and pre-order a copy over here.



"Liber Isfet: the Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh" is now released - 12/03/2018


Our latest release is now available for purchase, Read all about it over here, or purchase a copy directly from our online store.



"Liber Isfet: the Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh" update - 28/02/2018


We have updated the information available online regarding our upcoming release, and added an interview with Lücas N.,

author of the book, as well as some sample pages.

The official release date for the book has been set for the 12th of March.



New title "Liber Isfet: the Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh" now available for pre-order - 31/01/2018


If you are interested in a copy, please head to our store to secure one. Liber Isfet will be released in early March.


To unearth something from the chthonic depths and to resurrect its name is an audacious yet blessing task. To awaken a power shunned in such way that threatened and still threatens those with fear of changes, those who feared and fear themselves and embrace in blind euphoria their own chains, since the birth of humanity – this work is not for them.


ISFET is all and nothing, the primeval unfathomable chaos that inhabits all of its children, an everlasting menace to the created world since the birth of time. No attempt at deepening the Isfetic cult has been made so far, not even in a so-called “academic” way, neither “esoteric” nor “exoteric” attempts can be found in the history of writing. The only knowledge on the forces of Isfet accessible to the student devoted to the occult are the parchments and studies about its most known manifestations: “Set-Typhon” and “Apep”, and even these sources are poor and incomplete. Keeping this in mind, the adept can see how far the work on Liber Isfet: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh has gone and its undeniable relevance.


Liber Isfet: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh is the first and fundamental grimoire devoted to Ancient Egyptian Chaos-Worship, (or Anti-cosmic Satanism; this may be a neologism, but the cult itself is pre-historical; sects imbued with Anti-Cosmic thought go back to immemorial times) as a whole. Liber Isfet is not only attached to the Egyptian lore, but it expands its scope to the manifestations of Isfet in all times, places, circumstances, and approaches. Chaos is timelessness. All ritualistic work/practice on this book are directed to the forces of lawlessness and timelessness.

 The focus of this work is not to reduce the unknown to the known/familiar, having in mind that it would only bring intellectual frustration and be a disservice to the true adept. The focus of this book is to incite and poison the minds of those who eagerly await, in ecstasy, for the liberating venom; the focus is to expand the wounds on this creation, so Isfet itself can break through, once and for all, when the time comes, just as the ancient Egyptian society recognized and feared. To achieve these goals,  Liber Isfet: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh is divided into two parts, the “theoretical” (elucidations, researches, history, insights) and the “practical” (rituals, amulets, formulas, prayers, sigils). The figure of Isfet appeals to not only those with an inclination toward the Egyptian pantheon; as the first deification of Chaos, Isfet is one of the most obscure gods of Chaos in human history and anyone attracted to the Anti-cosmic current will find an affinity in this primordial force.


Liber Isfet: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh has been beautifully illustrated by the talented Serpent Soul Arts, with 7 full-page illustrations depicting key elements of the book. This grimoire will be presented in two editions:


Hekau Edition: This deluxe hardcover edition will be limited to 72 hand-numbered copies, handbound in dry blood-red cowskin and with the Sigil of Isfet embossed in the front. All the spines are hand-sewn and the leather has been prepared in an artisanal way. The paper comes in a wonderful cream tone that offers a nice contrast to the numerous (over 200) illustrations and diagrams.

Specifications: Octavo size (148 x 210 mm.), 115 g. voluminous two side-coated paper with 120 g. black end-papers. 150 pages. A digital version of the book is included in the price as well.

110€ + shipping.


Typhonian Edition: Limited to 300 copies, this hardcover edition is bound in dark red Italian cloth,  with the Sigil of Isfet embossed in the front. The spines are hand-sewn, and as it's the case with the Hekau Edition, we will be using a cream colored paper and black end-papers.

Specifications: Octavo size (148 x 210 mm.), 90 g. voluminous two side-coated paper with 120 g. black end-papers. 150 pages.

35€ + shipping.




"Lilonon Ananael: Branches of Secret Wisdom" has been released - 18/12/2017


After a slight delay due to the foundry taking a bit longer with the coins than expected, LILONON ANANAEL: BRANCHES OF SECRET WISDOM is now available. Most of the copies have already been sold during the pre-order period, so if you are interested in securing one of the 72 copies released, head over to our store!




New title "Lilonon Ananael: Branches of Secret Wisdom" now available for pre-order - 01/11/2017


If you are interested in a copy, please head to our store to secure one. Lilonon Ananael will be released in early December.


Lilonon Ananael is Nikolai Saunders' latest effort, the follow-up to the greatly received Claves Regni. The core of this new work is the monumental Ritual of Lilonon Ananael, a ritual designed to familiarize the novitiate with the various applications of the angels of Shemhamphorash and the nature of the governors of the Aethyrs. The governors themselves rule over various regions of consciousness and their legions of subservient spirits. They also correspond to the twelve tribes and the application of the governors through these twelve tribes should prove sufficient grounds for the novitiate to explore throughout their magical career. As it was with Saunders' previous works, Lilonon Ananael is a practical grimoire in the most classical sense of the word, and extensive ritual guide to the complex art of evocation.


The undulations of Light and Shadow, Good and Evil, Day and Night, are the dualistic representations of Truth perceived by our individuality. In other words, good and evil are simply matters of perspective; what is poison for one may prove profitable for another. However, in terms of Will it is that formula of The Magician in opposition to that of The Mystic. That is why certain specific operations in Lilonon Ananael are designed around Attainment or Enlightenment, while others are for more practical ends. One can not only exist as a magician or a mystic, anymore than one can be completely dominant or submissive in their dealings with others.


As the follow-up to both Arbor de Magistro and Claves Regni, the connections between the three books are interwoven in the ritual elements contained within. The branch of Enochian Magick represented by these three books, in conjunction with the Solomonic Form within, are representative of the Current of The Star System known as Scorpioniis upon Terra Munda. The Astrum Antares is represented in some of the various rituals, as was in Arbor de Magistro and the Aethyric Rites, specifically. The second of this series is Claves Regni, and while there are no spirits from within the aegis of Enochian Magick, the language used within, the various calls, and the invocations are strongly representative of Enochian. This, in addition, to the Enochian Calls used in the ten directions of the Temple, weave various threads into the fabric of the Work. The balancing of these occurs in this third book, Lilonon Ananael, where the Governors of the Aethyrs are called within their native environment and the spirits of Shemhamphorash are counterbalanced in their light and dark polarities. The Union of these Spirits corresponds to the passionate union of opposites above the Abyss nicely, which is a crucial element of Crowley's vantage point from within The City of Pyramids. The Astrum Antares is expanded upon within the text following the Rite Lilonon Ananael and several of the prerequisite rituals (or Outer and Theurgistic Rites) are represented. The Theurgist of The Aires (or that of the Astrum Antares) will then be able to accomplish the stocking of their Arsenal, or the fashioning of the several magical tools needed to accomplish the Work on High.


Lilonon Ananael is a massive tome, spanning 600 pages and with almost two hundred detailed sigils and illustrations, a must have for any serious practitioner of the Arte.


Due to its sheer size and volume, Lilonon Ananael will be released exclusively as a deluxe volume, limited to 72 hand-numbered copies. Each copy will be bound by hand in black goatskin and will be presented in a sturdy slip-case bound in black cloth. The spines are hand-sewn and the pages have been gilded in black. Accompanying each book will be a special case containing a brass coin with the sigils of Hades and Charon. The case and coin have been illustrated by the talented Kain Morgenmeer.

This is, without a doubt, Fall of Man's most luxurious and ambitious release.


Specifications: Octavo format (170 x 230 mm / 6.7 x 9 inches), 1,600 g. (3.5 pounds). Hardcover bound in black goatskin and stamped in silver. The paper is 80 g. gilded in black, with 200 g. black end-papers. Hand-sewn black spine with raised bonds and ribbon bookmark. Hard cardboard slip-case bound in black Italian cloth. 605 pages, with hundreds of sigils and seals. The coin case (170 x 230 mm / 6.7 x 9 inches) is done in white hard cardboard and fits inside the slipcase together with the book. Illustrated with an image of Charon. The coin (5 cm / 2 inches in diameter) is made of brass and engraved with the sigil of Charon on one side and the sigil of Hades on the other.

Limited to 72 hand-numbered copies. The PDF version of the book is included in the price as well.




"The Great Perfection Doctrine" now available! - 15/09/2017


The Great Perfection Doctrine is now available. Read more about this groundbreaking title over here, where you will find all the details about this release, some pictures and an interview with its author, Volhv Veleslav.

If you are interested in one of the limited, folded copies, make sure to purchase one fast, they are almost gone!



New title "The Great Perfection Doctrine" now available for pre-order - 21/08/2017


The next Nox Sine Occasu chapter has been unveiled: "The Great Perfection Doctrine". This new title marks a new beginning for the collection, with improved looks and materials. This is also the beginning of our collaboration with the great Russian author Volhv Veleslav. For more info and to secure a copy, please head over to:


The Sinister Path as a distinctive school in Slavic-Russian paganism emerges in the mid-2000's, arousing a great number of controversies and interpretations of its nature and place in tradition. Undoubtedly rested upon analogous schools of other traditions (Tantrism, Western Hermetism, Alchemy, Odinism, etc.) its initiator Veleslav offers a path that has never existed in Slavic paganism (although prerequisites and mythological motives are definitely existing). Tens of books by various authors since then have elaborated on the doctrine of the Sinister Path, which proves its great appeal for pilgrims of the Spirit.


What we encounter in The Great Perfection Doctrine is a substantial difference with traditional Western doctrines between the Left-Hand Path and the Sinister Path of Slavic-Russian paganism. The fundamental tenets of the former accentuate individualism and deification of the adherent, that is expressed in well-known motto “Not to revere God, but to become God”. For paganism however, such stand is not part of the Left Path, but rather it is basic reality, the natural ground. The Sinister Path of Russian paganism goes further, holding that deification of the adherent is possibly the last but not final stage of the Path of the Work. The fact is, Divinity in form of images, names and shapes must be sacrificed to the Ultimate, the Unthinkable in terms of language or images; sacrificed to the Sacred, which is absolutely numinous and is present beyond names and forms, something that was pointed at by the Rhineland mystics Meister Eckhart and John Tauler, or by the Neoplatonists. Herein Veleslav inherits the tradition of apophatic definition of the super-being of the Sacred.


In The Great Perfection Doctrine, the author Veleslav calls us to proceed with the search or the Sacred within us even further, to transcend both what he calls the Dexter and the Sinister Paths, his teachings leading us along the Path which is not the path in itself, to the conscious inactivity, and thus return to the Natural State of the Prime Source.


The Great Perfection Doctrine marks the first time popular author Veleslav's works are available in English, making his crucial teachings available to a larger audience. According to Veleslav's teachings, there are three paths in the World, or three steps to walk the One Path:


- The Right-Hand Path: the Path Away from one’s True Nature, the external work.


- The Left-Hand Path: the Path of Return to one’s True Nature, the internal work.


- The Path of the Great Perfection, or the Path which is not the path in itself: a way to remain in one’s True Nature without separation between the one who remains and spiritual “inactivity”.


In the words of Veleslav: “The Path of the Great Perfection is a timeless teaching of self-disclosure of our True Nature, of spontaneous permanence in the PRIMORDIAL without being permanent, of non-conceptualized grasp of one’s True SELF as the UNBORN.” The Great Perfection Doctrine lays down the basis towards grasping that True Self, to the rediscovery of our true divine essence.



Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology

now available as an e-Book - 20/07/2017


With the physical copies all gone, we have now made available the PDF version of Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology in our site.



Gap now available as an e-Book - 13/07/2017


The physical copies of Gap are all gone, but those interested in this title can purchase the PDF version of the book through our store!



New site - 27/06/2017


Welcome to the new Fall of Man website. We have added some extra functionality and streamlined the shopping process, as well as giving the site a new design. Enjoy!

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