Frater Kafyrfos

Diabolic Gnosticism

A preliminary glimpse into the mythos, philosophy and practice of this new and unique Current.

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Diabolic Gnosticism: Mythos and Philosophy is the first volume in a series of works that will delve deep into the mysteries of the Gnosis of the Devil, a preliminary glimpse into the mythos, philosophy and practice of a new and unique Current.


Between all of the parts of this book there is enough information for the curious and the interested to establish their own Diabolic Gnostic rituals. The philosophy, mythos, words and ideas are all available to be adapted to the impromptu rituals that are an important aspect of practicing Diabolic Gnosticism.


Diabolic Gnosticism: Mythos and Philosophy is deeply rooted in the works of Carl Jung, Austin Osman Spare and many others, creating a functioning synthesis of disparate ideas and illuminated thoughts. It contains several essays, reflections, poems, aphorisms and rituals that will guide those willing to seek answers, without fear of what those answers may say about ourselves. Its author, Frater Kafyrfos, has put together a deep and complex cosmovision that will set the reader in a path towards deeper and darker knowledge.


Phosphorosophia edition: This paperback edition is intented to serve the adept who finds solace in the study of the Art in the most unexpected circumstances and places. Although this is a softcover edition, it is still bound and crafted with good materials, and should withstand the pass of time and the wear and tear that comes with frequent consultations. As in the Black Sun edition, the illustrations are fully colored to respect the original intention of the artist.

Specifications: 181 pages, 120 g. paper. Octavo size (148 x 210 mm), soft cover bound in faux crushed black leather with black end papers (140 g.). Cover hot-stamped in red with the Diabolic Gnosticism logo. 8 full-page illustrations and several other sigils. 300 copies.





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