Nikolai saunders

A Monons de a Siatris: The Heart of the Scorpion

Saunders' new book takes the reader deep into the practices of Antarian magick and presents him with several formulae for working with the Servitors of the Infernal Court.


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To the uninitiated, Death is the end of life and the cessation of consciousness. Death is the awakening of the Aspirant to the Wake-World and can be accomplished while living upon Earth. This method is accomplished by using the Bardo Thodol to travel through the Bardos and observe the imagery during the Journey from the point of death to the point of rebirth. This process is Holy Unto Our Star. This process is studied by Our Brethren, this Journey is Sacred to Our Initiates. To Honor Death is to Honor Our Father. It is the awakening of the Nefesh to the Greater World, and while living most live life in the Kingdom of the Nefesh and Yetzirah, rarely even using the Ruach and hardly even perceiving the Neshamah. The Spirits Holy to Our Kingdom are Shades and Shadows in one instance, and the Highest in the other.


A Monons de a Siatris: The Heart of the Scorpion is Nikolai Saunders' new opus, after the successful release of Lilonon Ananael: Branches of Secret Wisdom two years ago. This new, massive tome compiles his most recent studies on the subject of spirit evocation and invocation, and presents them in one volume divided in two books, the first being A Monons de a Siatris and the second one being Consortivm Imperii Infernvs.


The first book, A Monons de a Siatris, is a collection of rituals intended for the solitary practitioner of Antarian Magick. Among others, there is a short prayer taken from the Bardo Thodol (commonly termed The Tibetan Book of The Dead), that is intended as a mystical ritual. This being a combination of Raja Yoga (the meditation and traveling in the Spirit Vision) and Bhakti Yoga (the devotion and appeals to the Divine Conquerors both Peaceful and Wrathful in the form of the prayers, in addition to the petition to the compassionate), the experience takes one through the Gates of Death into the Afterlife and through the various Bardos unto the Source or Font of Creation. The second book, Consortivm Imperii Infernvs, contains formulae for working with the Servitors of the Infernal Court. It is presented as a grimoire of magick which concerns itself with the Dark Arts.


As usual, A Monons de a Siatris: The Heart of the Scorpion is accompanied by hundreds of spirit sigils and seals created by the author, and two full-page illustrations brought to life by the talented Sean Bergstrom. Due to its size (this is Saunders' largest title to date), the book is being released exclusively as a deluxe offering limited to 65 copies. Each copy will be bound by hand in black goatskin and cream Pelaq lizard, with red lettering on the spine. All books are presented in a sturdy slip-case bound in black Italian cloth.


Specifications: Octavo format (170 x 230 mm / 6.7 x 9 inches). Hardcover bound in black goatskin and Pelaq lizard. The paper is 80 g. with 200 g. black end-papers. Hand-sewn black spine with raised bonds and ribbon bookmark. Hard cardboard slip-case bound in black Italian cloth. Red foil blocking on rounded spine and on the case. 675 pages, with hundreds of sigils and seals.

Limited to 65 hand-numbered copies. The PDF version of the book is included in the price as well.


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