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By Ryan Anschauung



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Threshold: Black Magic and Shattered Geometry exposes to the modern Satanist the problems our reality holds, and more importantly, it gives him the tools necessary to shatter it, and create a New World Order. The Ego must be tricked into defeating itself. It’s abstractions must be torn apart piece by piece, its processes broken down and made visible to the individual, so that a special instant occurs in that individual similar to an Out of Body Experience – With the exception that is it Out Of Mind. In this instant, a sudden flash of the awakened Self can see the actions of the Ego consciously and understands its own involvement in its perception.

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Threshold: Black Magic and Shattered Geometry comes as a box-set bound in black suede and branded with the sigil of the Temple of THEM, containing four booklets (fully illustrated by the devious hand of Namtaru Creations) and spanningover 200 pages of pure Satanic Revolutionism and Heretic Supremacy. A highly thought-provoking work of psychological warfare and magical self-transformation, only available in the limited amount of 338 copies, with no further reprints.

By Nikolai Saunders


Claves Regni is a new opus by occult author Nikolai Saunders. This trilogy-in-one volume is a massive study into evocation, a grimoire in the classical sense of the word, following the tradition initiated by the authors of Lemegeton or The Sacred magic of Abramelin the mage. Continuing the work he initiated with Arbor de Magistro, Nikolai Saunders offers us a wealth of information regarding the sacred Arte of spirit evocation, working upon the rituals of the Argent Dawn and others and expanding them accordingly.

Claves Regni has been divided into three separate books: Tempestates Dei: de Arte Magicka cum Salomonis Rex,Secreta de Elanel and Grimorium Caelorum. These three books are intended to build up a storehouse of Angelic Power from upon which the Magician may draw. In the words of the author, “this foray into evocation begins with Tempestates Dei.The Arte of Goetic Theurgy is a discipline unto itself, and while I claim no complete mastery of the system, I am familiar with the spirits contained within the second book of the Lemegeton. My experience with these spirits has demonstrated to me that they are somewhat more unruly than their Goetic counterparts; however, somewhat less misanthropic in most cases.Secreta de Elanel contains the Geniuses of Birth drawn from Ars Paulina, and is presented as a method of communicating with one’s Genius of Birth. In this grimoire, each spirit possesses a sigil and can be evoked to physical manifestation. Thesesigils can be then used in the Aethyric Rites of the Arbor De Magistro. The result of this process is a different and unique interaction that is non-existent in the other forms of communication. Finally, Grimorium Caelorum contains some familiar characters in Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Samael, it is a grimoire of the spirits of the Seven Heavens”.

Claves Regni is a massive tome, spanning over 500 pages and with hundreds of detailed sigils and illustrations, a must have for any serious practitioner of the Arte.

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Specifications: Octavo format (170 x 230 mm / 6.7 x 9 inches), 1400 g. (3 pounds). Hardcover bound in dark green Italian silk. The paper is 80 g. cream color, with 200 g. dark green end-papers. Hand-sewed green spine with ribbon bookmark. Hard cardboard slip-case bound in faux crocodile skin. 542 pages, with hundreds of sigils and seals.
Limited to 96 hand-numbered copies.

By Ophis Christos & Necrocosm


The Black Book of Quimbanda introduces us to the ancient magical tradition of Quimbanda as a vehicle through which to interpret reality. The ancestors revered in Quimbanda were originally individuals who opposed the society of their time, a society trapped in rules, laws and dogmas, and formed by individuals trapped in a herd mentality. Quimbanda describes the learning and life experiences of these ancestors, because it is through them that we acquire the capacity to evolve and to self-develop, and to find the divine identity present in us. Quimbanda is therefore a way of learning more about the reality of this life, and glorify death, for it is through knowing and glorifying death that we acquire the knowledge that leads us to the relinquishment of any kind of attachment to life.

The Black Book of Quimbanda is divided in two parts; the first one describes in detail the origins of this ancient cult and its practices, and presents a working magical system with initiation rituals, detailed instructions on how to perform the traditional Giras, the creation of a Temple, and all the works that involve a deeper understanding of the Exus and Pomba Giras. It is a detailed collection of rituals and ceremonies, all according the O.V. S. tradition. The second part explores some esoteric elements that connect the Quimbanda to Gnosticism, according to the practices of the O.V.S.

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Maioral edition: Limited to 77 hand-numbered copies, this is a very special and unique piece of art, completely handcrafted from the moment the pages left the mechanic press. The leather spines are hand-sewed, and the Walnut wood covers have been carefully crafted in an artisanal way. The wooden covers are carved with the image of the Eye of Lucifer, the sacred eye of knowledge and destruction.

Specifications: 155 pages, 135 g. cream color paper. Octodecimo size (110×180 mm), hard Walnut wood cover with hand-sewed leather spine and cream color end-papers. 4 full-page illustrations and several other sigils and photographies. 77 hand-numbered copies.
Each customer who orders the Maioral edition will get a digital copy of the book as well.

By Ophis Christos & Ordo Volucer Serpentis


The Ophidic Essence: Seeking a return to the Origin is a collection of texts that presents the ground work of the Ordo Volucer Serpentis. The notions and ideas presented on this volume have been the basis for the magical work of this Order since its foundation, and are now made public for the first time. For any magician interested, this volume presents a perfect opportunity to be initiated into Gnostic Satanism and the Quimbanda Cult.

This work has been divided into two sections; the first one presents in a general way the different mythological and religious currents that share a common understanding of the dark forces of the universe and their anticosmic goal of tearing down this reality, while the second half delves into the secrets of the necromantic cult known as Quimbanda, explaining its link to other Gnostic groups and including detailed rituals and basic notions on how to deal with the powerful entities known as Exus and Pomba Giras. While some parts of the text are explained in plain terms, others are intentionally obscured in order to force the aspiring adept to ponder about the subject in question.

This was released as part of the Nox Sine Occasu series, with the first 70 copies presented in a black, wax-sealed folder.


By Frater Kafyrfos


Black Sun edition: Limited to 55 hand-numbered copies, this soft leatherbound edition has benn completely handcrafted from the moment the pages left the mechanic press. All the spines are hand-sewed and all the leather has been prepared in an artisanal way. All the illustrations preserve the dark red color from the ox’s blood, and the leather covers present a pattern with the Black Sun. The paper comes in a wonderful creamy tint that offers a nice contrast to the red and black inks used throughout the book.
Specifications: 181 pages, 135 g. cream color paper. Octavo size (148×210 mm), soft cover bound in goatskin. Cover branded with a Black Sun pattern on both sides. Hand-sewed spine. 8 full-page illustrations and several other sigils. 55 hand-numbered copies.


By Nikolai Saunders


Magister Edition The copies of this luxurious edition are bound in dark grey leather, with the Tree of the Master imprinted on the cover. The copies are finished with black end-papers and hand-sewed spine with a ribbon bookmark. Each copy comes inside a special Oak box, hand crafted and sigilized. There are 6 different sigils, each one of them belonging to a Spirit the author has a working relationship with. These sigils were derived from his initial work with them, PACASNA being an exception. They are presented in the following order:

– Copies 1 to 10 are marked with the sigil of PACASNA
– Copies 11 to 20 are marked with the sigil of THOTANF
– Copies 21 to 30 are marked with the sigil of VALGARS
– Copies 31 to 40 are marked with the sigil of LUCIFER
– Copies 41 to 50 are marked with the sigil of BEEZLEBUTH
– Copies 51 to 60 are marked with the sigil of ASHTAROTH

The boxes are hand-made specifically for each book, with hinges and a lock. The wood is lacquered and finished in matte. The interior of the boxes are lined with grey silk to protect the book, and have a ribbon to facilitate the extraction of the volume. Each box has its copy number carved on the back.

Specifications: Octavo size (150 x 212 mm.), 115 g. voluminous two side-coated white paper. 120 g. black end- papers, hardcover bound in leather. 208 pages.


By Vexior


Gullveig is the Teutonic and Germanic highest feminine principle of darkness – the maid, the mother, and the crone: Gullveig’s traits are analogous to Lilith’s and Hecate’s. In the Old Norse Mythology she is the sinister arch- mother of the giants and the black arts; she’s also the divine feminine manifestation of the analogue thursian purpose.

Regular Edition Printed on high quality heavy paper. Finished with black endpapers, fully illustrated and includes a fold-out chart of the Underworld. Bound in maroon cloth marked with Ísarn, the bind-rune which evokes the current of Járnviðr.
242 pages. 500 copies.


Deluxe Edition Extra high quality paper and finished with black endpapers, fully illustrated with several representations of Gullveig in her different incarnations and with a fold-out chart of the Underworld. Hand-bound and sewed in high quality maroon leather with a cloth bookmark; signed and sigilised by the author.
242 pages, limited to 62 copies.


Art Folder A3 black folder with the Thursakross embedded in silver on the cover. Contains six A3 illustrations done by the infamous Helgorth from Babalon Graphics (, and a black envelope containing three exclusive invocations and two thursian sigils. Each copy is sigilized and signed by the author. 62 copies