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Amenthes is a publishing platform specialized in Occult literature that appears as a response to the rapidly evolving world of publishing, particularly Occult publishing. We want to acknowledge the existence of a modern Occult practitioner, one who appreciates the knowledge contained in a book, no matter of its format (physical or otherwise). We want to make that knowledge available to those who appreciate the commodity of having a whole collection of grimoires available in a single device, without compromising in quality or price.

We also know that there are many authors who may feel intimidated by publishers, and would like to have the opportunity to see their work distributed without having to make use of other self-publishing platforms that probably are not tailored to our specific target audience. Through Amenthes, we intend to facilitate the publishing of any Occult work, in digital format.

No Digital Rights Management (DRM)

We want to believe that all of our customers understand that by buying our releases, they are directly supporting the authors, and therefore we have decided against the use of any kind of DRM software. As readers ourselves, we consider DRM to be nothing more than a nuisance. Books are meant to be shared, and knowledge will spread no matter what. As they say, information wants to be free… and after all, if someone wants to pirate one of our books, there is little we could actually do against it, and we think DRM software would only bother those customers who actually paid for it.

Publishing through Amenthes

Publishing through Amenthes is as easy as sending us your manuscript to We will revise it and tell you how to proceed. There are no limitations to the number of pages the manuscript can have, nor on the subject and style, as long as it falls into the spiritual/magical/occult theme. It can be either fiction or non-fiction, an essay, poetry, or any other form of literature. We will advise you on everything possible, from the presentation to the final price.

Terms and conditions:

Typically, the manuscripts we receive will fall into one of two categories:

a) The manuscript is ready to be published with little or no work from our side;

b) The manuscript needs to be edited/proof read and its layout done in order to be publishable.

If the manuscript falls into the first category, and you give us a EPUB, PDF or MOBI file ready to be uploaded to our site, the author will receive 70% of the sales. We will of course revise the file to make sure everything is perfect and ready. If the manuscript needs to be edited, proof read and the layout done (that is to say, we simply receive a word processor file and nothing else), the author will receive 40% of the total sales. All these terms and conditions will be thoroughly explained in the contract.

In case you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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