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Nox Sine Occasu is born out of the desire to see more individual essays published on a more regular basis. In today’s publishing scene, we see a focus on the kind of works that are only suitable to be published as a book (even when the content of the work is not suitable for that format), leaving many interesting essays without a chance. Through Nox Sine Occasu we will be publishing any work that is too short to become a full book, but too long to be published in any of today’s journals and magazines. We know that authors (novel and experienced alike) struggle to find a suitable publishing house for those kind of essays, and we think Nox Sine Occasu could be the answer to that necessity.

Nox Sine Occasu works will be released in limited physical editions, but an electronic version of each one of them will be available as well, making them always at the disposal of those interested. The physical editions will be crafted with the best of materials, as it is expected from any Fall of Man release, all of them individually numbered and sealed.

Any author with a worthy essay on the Arte can contact us for a possible collaboration. We are looking for any unpublished works with a length of about 20,000 words, dealing with any subject that would widen humanity’s understanding of the Sacred Mysteries.

A night without end is approaching, but those with the proper understanding will find the keys to our shackles…