“Gap – a Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism” has been released

Our latest effort, Gap – a Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism, is now available through our site. This new title shows the Scandinavian/Germanic Paganism movement under a new light, with a unique approach that incorporates traditional Left-Hand Path philosophy and understanding. You can read all about it here, find several new pictures here, and purchase one of the last copies available over here.

Gap: a Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism – Update

As we approach the moment of its release (which is still schedule to happen in about two weeks), we have updated the book’s webpage with a sample chapter and an interview with the author, which should shed some light on his way of understanding the Left-Hand Path and how it’s connected to Scandinavian/Germanic Paganism. Those interested can find all the information available on this book, as well as the interview and sample chapter (and soon, pictures of the actual, finished book) at http://fallofman.eu/gap.html.
For those who have yet to pre-order a copy of Gap: a Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism there are still copies available, and we would like to point out that the free shipping offer will be available only for pre-orders.

New release: “Gap: A Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism”

We are ready to unveil our next release: “Gap: A Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism”. This new title is is a diary compilation of several years of research, practice and immersion in a particular direction within Oðinnism (Norse Tradition), which the author calls the Path through the Dark Side of the Ash (Yggdrasil).
“Gap: A Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism” consists of three Mal (sayings, speeches from the Eddas):
• Sayings of the Gangraðr, on behalf of Oðinn Gangraðr – Advisor in the Path. In these speeches it is revealed the promise and the doctrine of the Abyss in Oðinnism, and we deal with questions of thinking and transgression.
• Sayings of the Vegtamr, on behalf of Oðinn Vegtamr – Accustomed to the Path. In these speeches instructions are given about the ritual practice in line with the spirit and the promise of teaching.
• Sayings of the Kvasir, in honor of the wisest of men. In these speeches one will find the texts that are not included in the main body, but that are one way or another connected with the Path, such as dreams and thoughts.
“Gap: A Left-Hand Path approach to Odinism” will be released exclusively as deluxe, hardcover leather-bound edition limited to 72 copies. This hand-crafted volume comes bound in black aged leather, with the Black Sun of Chaos carved on Ash wood and embedded on the cover. All the spines are hand-sewed and the leather has been prepared in an artisanal way. The paper comes in a wonderful cream tone that offers a nice contrast to the black binding. The text comes accompanied by many illustrations and diagrams.
Pre-orders are now available, contact us at info@fallofman.eu
You can read all about this new title at http://fallofman.eu/gap.html

Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology

Fall on Man are proud to announce our next release, “Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology”. This new Nox Sine Occasu title introduces us into the dark world of the Þurs, analyzing their attributes and characteristics so that the reader may benefit from a deeper understanding of these primordial forces. It is through this understanding that the reader may make proper use of the runes and sigils presented and described in this book, with the ultimate goal of reaching true illumination.

Myrkþursablót, or Dark Þursian Worship, is a look into the primordial gateway to learn its ethereal secrets of fire and ice in order to unchain one’s spirit from the restraints of the mortal world. A journey through the untamed wilderness of darkness as one wades through treacherous tests of inner conflict, as the spirit fights to unleash itself from the prison of flesh, and ascend into the true light to obtain the secrets of the runes from the oldest beings. The keepers of all hidden wisdom, knowledge, secrets and magic. The Þurs.

This title is part of our Nox Sine Occasu series, and as such it shares its format and characteristics with the previous titles in the series. It contains several full-page illustrations created by the infamous Serpent Souls Art, as well as other photographs and diagrams, and several bindrunes and sigils drawn by Niðafjöll.

The first 90 copies are presented in a black rugged folder, sigilized in silver with the Ginnfaxi and wax-sealed by hand with the Nox Sine Occasu seal. These 90 copies will also have a digital version of the book included in the price.


More info at http://fallofman.eu/myrkthursablot.html

Samhain sale!

To celebrate the arrival of Samhain we have decided to hold our first sale ever, with all our items discounted to 50% of their original price (except for the folded versions of Liber Bathyal and Chthonic revelations, of which we only have a couple copies left). This sale will last until the 1st of November, so act fast!

El Libro Negro de la Quimbanda

Tras el éxito de la edición en inglés, Fall of Man se enorgullece de presentar por primera vez en español El libro Negro de la Quimbanda, continuando el trabajo iniciado por sus autores en el ahora agotado The Ophidic Essence. Este título saldrá a la venta en septiembre, pero las reservas ya están abiertas. Todos aquellos que reserven una copia recibirán un 20% de descuento y una copia digital del libro.

Más información en: http://fallofman.eu/libronegrodelaquimbanda.html

New forums

We have decided to create a forum dedicated to occult books in general and Fall of Man’s releases in particular, so that our community can engage in constructive discussions on the subject. You can find the link to the new forums in the navigation bar, or simply visit them over at http://fallofman.boards.net/